Writing a Children’s Book through 6 Building Blocks

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Crafting Creative Story Books that Excite Children

A good children’s story is built on creativity, pure wonder, dedication. How do you want your story to unfold?

Children’s book art concept by jjpeabody-d5p07v91

Using these six essential building blocks will have your young readers forever cherishing your story:



Children's book illustration
Children’s book illustration by Isac Galvao2

Get to know your readers.

There are significant guidelines you have to carefully apply before writing a children’s book. The most important thing is that your writing should speak to the readers in the most relatable and intelligible manner. Most picture books are for 3-10 year-olds. Which age bracket you want to tell your story to?


Extra Tip: Recollect your inner child, reminisce your childhood memories. What were your dreams and desires when you were still a kid. How did you feel dreaming those?



children’s picture books
Illustration by castiellovesdean-d5lhwzi3

Wrap the story with a loving message.

What’s a story without a good message? Tell a tale that young readers will not forget. The fun that you share should lead children to do acts of kindness—to respect their parents, believe in oneself, and to even eat healthy food!

Extra Tip: The message of children’s picture books should be simple and clear, so your young readers can relate and understand.



children’s picture books - sprinkle wonder and excitement
Book illustration by dangermousedavs-d3dvb1d4

Sprinkle wonder and excitement.

Silly or serious, magical or real, hilarious or inspiring—make sure to spur your young readers’ imagination. Children’s picture books should make them dance with the stars, see colors in the sky, and grow as creative knights ready to face the dark world.

Extra Tip: A boring character makes a boring story.



children’s picture book - stand out from the shelves
Spread by veesketch-d9slnsf5

Stand out from the shelves.

Your children’s picture book is a canvas perfect for shaping young individuals. Grab their attention from the first glance, and keep it till the last page. Don’t craft clichés; you’re just putting your book in the dusty shelf to be left unread. The more unique your story is, the more it can pique children’s attention—and their parents’ who will also read it.

Extra Tip: Don’t lecture while telling a story; it’s a big no-no.



Children's book illustration - hire a professional
Illustration by bachinienie-dao714f6

Hire a professional.

Collaborate with an expert. Discuss the main theme of your story to a professional illustrator or artist and talk about creative ideas. You can also hire an editor to refine your work and polish your grammar.




Seek advice, practice advice.

Reach out to any long-time children’s book authors. They have the experience and they know the techniques in publishing and promoting your children’s book. As soon as you collect their ideas and writing practices, practice and develop your own.


Childrens book illustration seeking advice

How do you impart compassion and kindness in your book? Here are 6 picture books for inspiration.


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