Unique Ideas on How to Deal with Your Toddler’s Tantrums

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Helpful Tips for the Working Moms

Are you a mother to a toddler? If yes, you’ve had your fair share of toddler tantrums for sure. Do you know how to deal with it? Have you come up with effective strategies to put an end to your child’s outbursts?

Helpful Tips for the Working Moms

Disciplining a child, especially toddlers, is never a piece of cake. They can throw a tantrum anytime and anywhere. If you’re a working mom, you may not be able to look after your kid all the time. Sometimes, you’ll have to leave your kid in the hands of a babysitter or a nanny. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll let your sitter discipline your child. You have to do that on your own.

The following are some helpful tips that will help keep toddler tantrums at bay:

  1. Be sure your toddler gets enough sleep.

    The lack of sleep is one of the main reasons why toddlers have tantrums. If you think about it, the lack of sleep can get an adult into a bad mood as well! Be sure that your toddler gets 12-14 hours of sleep every day. It can be nonconsecutive. You may break it down into night’s sleep and naps.

  1. Don’t let your toddler go hungry.

    Hunger can trigger tantrums in kids, just like how it makes adults irritable and cranky. See to it that your toddler doesn’t skip a meal and be sure to pack snacks for your kid, especially when you are heading out or bringing him/her to your workplace, because a hungry child is most likely to throw tantrums in public places.

  1. Have a routine.

    When you have a routine, your kids will know what to anticipate. They’ll have a schedule memorized in the back of their heads. They’ll have fewer tantrums when you do this. Why? It’s because the lack of a routine will make kids feel that everything is out of control. Things happen when they least expect it and their own expectations aren’t met. And because they don’t know how to handle frustrating situations like adults do, they throw a tantrum to show their frustration.

  1. Use a mode of distraction.

    To calm a child with a tantrum, you can use a mode of distraction. It can be his/her favorite candy, a funny cartoon on TV, or a Disney song that he/she really likes. Basically, anything that your child is interested in can distract him/her from throwing tantrums. Always be prepared! If you’ve hired a sitter or a nanny, explain this strategy of yours. The downside to this though is that if you keep doing it, your child might think that he/she is being rewarded for throwing a tantrum. After you distract your child and he/she has calmed down, be sure to provide an explanation as to why tantrums aren’t very nice.

  1. Mimic their actions.

    This particular advice might seem very odd, but it has been effective for numerous parents dealing with their kid’s temper. It will be hilarious! However, don’t do this in public or else you’ll get judgmental stares from passersby. Try it when you get home. By mimicking your toddler’s tantrums, you’ll be showing them how they look like when they do it. Most probably, they wouldn’t like what they see. This unique strategy will surely keep them from throwing tantrums in public next time!

There’s no easy way of disciplining a toddler. It is a challenge that you have to undertake as a mother. But hopefully, these tips were able to help you out. If you have a few tricks up your sleeve, feel free to share them!

Mimic their actions.


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