The Creative Process on How to Become an Author

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Four creative and effective recommendations on how to write a book

Four creative and effective recommendations on how to write a book

First thing’s first. To be an author, you must create something. You must be able to put your ideas into writing then share these written ideas to the world. Before, authors have a more difficult time sharing than writing. To be published was just every author’s dream. The authors of the best novels we have right now once shared this dream with the others. They had to have their manuscripts rejected a million times before finally being given the chance.

Today, publishing is no longer a problem. Authors can now self-publish their books and most of them are learning how to publish e-books. Through self-publishing, authors are given more creative control of their work. This new way of publishing allows authors to make more profit.


With the help of modern technology, authors no longer have to go through the pains of being rejected by publishing houses. Authors and aspiring authors can now make the publishing dream come true and right now they have more difficulty creating than sharing. So here are four creative and effective recommendations on writing a book that will surely help you become an author.

  1. Know what you want to write
    • The creative mind is bombarded with a million ideas and you just have to pick one to write about. Not being able to identify what genre you want to write about will turn your manuscript into an aimless wanderer. A genre will unify the content of your book.
  1. Always think about your future readers
    • Your book should be a reflection of you talking to someone—someone whom you want to know something. To do this, you always have to keep your audience in mind while writing the manuscript. Remember that it is only you who knows how this book goes, and you have to walk your readers through it.
  1. Never be afraid to ask for help
    • If you’re unsure of the devices you are using, don’t hesitate to ask or look for writing tips. Allow your friends to comment or make suggestions about how you are unfolding the contents of your book. Taking criticism is the most effective way to improve on your craft.
  1. The more you edit, the better
    • Just like how diamonds have to be cut and put under pressure before they sparkle, your manuscripts have to be edited a lot too. Revising a manuscript is just like shaping a diamond. The more patiently you edit your manuscript, the more beautiful and sparkly your book will be.

The more you edit, the better

Follow these simple ways on how to write a book and you’re now a step closer to becoming a famous author. With the advent of high-technology, a lot of things are made easier for everyone. However, despite all of these changes, one thing remains the same: Writing a bestselling book does not only require talent. It also needs perseverance and unwavering will power.


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