How to Solve Toddler Nap Problems and Conquer Nap Time Battles

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Easy-Breezy Steps for Peaceful Toddler Nap Times

One of the biggest struggles of parents is getting their toddler to sleep. On some rare occasions, babies may slip into a peaceful sleep with no fuss. However, most of the time toddlers won’t take their nap without a fight. Therefore, parents have come up with various ways to win this constant scuffle.

Easy-Breezy Steps for Peaceful Toddler Nap Times

Naptimes, like healthy food and clean drinking water, are essential needs for growing up. Napping is your child’s way to recharge after using some tremendous energy playing and exploring. Babies sleep 16 to 20 hours per day while toddlers sleep 13 to 14 hours a day. As your child grows older, they start to stay awake longer and sleep lesser. Although you as a parent understand the importance of enough sleep, your child may not see it your way. Sometimes, because of one reason or another, your toddler may have a problem sleeping or napping.

Here are some tips to help your baby or toddler get the needed sleep:

  1. Let naptime happen naturally.Naptimes are not like rigid military regimens. A child’s sleeping pattern is set during infancy stage usually revolving around feeding time. However, if done overtime, this pattern begins to change. Still, it is important for you to take note of your baby’s slumber schedules. Working with their body’s demand for rest will ease possible naptime troubles.


Let naptime happen naturally

  1. Watch out for signs of sleepiness.Notice behaviors such as constant yawning, blinking and rubbing eyes, and getting crabby. These are some cues that it’s time for your kid’s morning or afternoon naptime.
  1. Prepare a comfortable napping place.Choose a comfortable space where your child can have their naptime. Be consistent with where you let them take a nap. This helps them associate this particular place with rest and slumber. Other than the right sleeping aids such as soft beddings, your toddler needs a calm and quiet atmosphere for the best naptime.
  1. Maintain nighttime sleeping habits for morning and afternoon naptimes.If nighttime sleeping routine calls for your kid’s favorite pajamas, then let your kid wear their sleeping armor. This helps prepare their mindset in going to dreamland. Also, follow your usual sleeping rituals at night. Whether it is reading bedtime stories, singing songs, or tucking in practicing your normal night snoozing tradition can help you avoid any sleeping issues with your toddler.

Helping your kid meet their sleeping needs is your task as a parent. With these practical steps, you’re ready to let your little prince and princess get their much deserved sweet slumber!


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