Six Prominent Effects of Hugging Children

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Hugging Children Affects Them in More Positive Ways than One

People are torn on the effects of hugging children. Could it simply be seen as showing affection, or would it entail something else? There are numerous arguments for kids hugging, and oftentimes, individuals are still undecided on which of these arguments are fitting on an overall basis. While the general consensus would argue that children-hugging is beneficial, it wouldn’t be as simple as to make assumptions.

Hugging Children Affects Them in More Positive Ways than One

A father or mother hugging their children is an oft forgotten art, as generations of young urban professionals who are so caught up in their careers may not have time to show affection to their kids anymore. This, forgetting and having no time for children, leads to neglect, and possible detrimental effects in the children’s development process. Neglect is a pressing problem in a child growing up.

In the U.S. alone, 62% of children have suffered from neglect.1 This is alarming, especially since Gen Z kids are gradually gearing up toward adulthood. Showing children affection can be as simple as giving them a hug, to assure them that everything will be all right, and that parents will always be there for them every step of the way.

However, could it be that the lack of affection truly affects how children turn out to be growing up? What is the correlation between the lack of affection between children and parents that targets the former?

This is why we need to look at the effects whenever we hug children. Could the effects be positive? Here, we check out the different reasons why we should hug our children.

  1. Hugging provides security

Children who are hugged by their parents on a frequent basis tend to feel better about themselves. When children receive physical affection, they often feel less anxious.2 By giving children affection through hugging, they grow less insecure as time passes. It’s best, therefore, to give children a much-needed hug. A father, or a mother, and child hugging is perhaps the most reassuring thing on earth.

  1. Hugging prevents depression and anxiety later in life

As children grow older, they tend to exhibit symptoms of depression and anxiety, especially when they’ve suffered certain mental conditions early in life. From a study conducted, experts have found out that hugging does indeed affect their mental state as the years go by.3 Adults who weren’t hugged or shown affection by their parents tend to suffer poorer mental health.

  1. Children raised with affection do better in school

Hugging prevents depression and anxiety by boosting hippocampal growth in the brain, which helps with dealing stress. By that, children who’ve been shown affection tend to handle stressors in school better, allowing them to perform their best.4 They are also more emotionally developed, helping them with their relationships with peers.

  1. Hugging can boost a child’s brainpower

It’s not just the hippocampus that hugging boosts—it can also develop a child’s nervous system to help them gain knowledge and comprehend better.5 They’ll have more of the propensity to absorb information, and in turn, process knowledge. This’ll give them an edge over people in school, or in the corporate world.

Hugging can boost a child’s brainpower

  1. Hugging gets children out of a bad mood

If ever parents are in doubt of what to do with a child’s volatile behavior, hugging can always remedy the problem. That’s because hugging a child releases oxytocin in their brains, giving them that warm feeling we’re all familiar with.6 Hugging relaxes children, fixing their often dysfunctional mood cycles.

  1. Hugging fosters altruism

Hugging is often a way to make others feel better. Whenever children experience how refreshing hugs can be, they’d be more compelled to reciprocate, as well as do the same to others.7 Fostering a sense of selflessness at a young age will allow them to grow as thoughtful adults in the future.

Parents hugging children does play an important part in any child’s development. If you have any children, be sure to show them the affection they need.




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