Revolutionary Natural Self-Help Therapy to Safely Treat Back Pain in Children

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Understanding Causes of Back Pain in Children and Applying Quick and Workable Home Remedy

Johnny stepped out of the bus after school and headed straight for the front door. This was Johnny’s daily routine, only this time, he experienced a slight ache in his lower back. This pain has made Johnny uncomfortable for three days now so he went right ahead to tell his mommy.

The following day, Johnny and his mom consulted a spine specialist. Johnny’s mom was worried that he may need surgery if this continues. After questioning Johnny, the doctor advised that the young boy only needed to take out a few items from his very heavy bag and start doing more physical activities. Johnny followed his doctor diligently. He started joining the sports club in school. At home, he always reminded himself to sit straight when facing the computer. Johnny performed all the natural back therapy tips the doctor instructed him to do. He felt less and less pain as each week goes on.

Sudden back pain in children can be experienced by any child who overuses his/her spine or shoulders. The problem has increased gradually in recent years as 50% of children now have backache by the time they are of age 20. In fact, studies show that children above the age of 12 are more affected by back injury. There are several factors why sore backs in children occur. If kids complain about back sores, take them seriously and help them alleviate health issues involving both lower and upper back pain through a handful of simple but successful methods.


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Back pain in kids happens when the muscles around their spine are strained. It’s important to be aware of certain causes for immediate remedy. Common causes of backaches are usually driven by several factors including:

  • bad posture
  • obesity
  • age – older children over 12 experience back pain than younger ones
  • gender – backache is more common in females than males
  • improperly packed schoolbags/backpacks
  • heavy schoolbags/backpacks and the weight relying on one arm or shoulder
  • sedentary (sitting) tendencies by way of watching too much television, hunching over tablets or playing excessive computer games
  • tough and competitive sports such as gymnastics, weightlifting, football, among others
  • improper use of sports equipment or poorly positioned bike seats
  • tumor in the spine (although very rare) and infection
  • depression or anxiety
  • spondylolysis (defect of the joint) and spondylolisthesis (slipping of vertebra)
  • and vertebral fractures and other disc injuries by means of straining physical movements.


Don’t allow these back pain reasons to progress throughout your kid’s adolescence. Allow your child to recuperate and treat his/her back with effective home care. With more ways than one, back therapy for children is achievable.

According to an Australian post-doctoral research fellow Pieter Coenen, “The behaviours they develop early in life can cause musculoskeletal issues later on in life.” But with continued prevention and therapy, backache in children may lessen or go away completely. These are some natural tips you can advise your child to do.

childrens backpain

  • Don’t buy a very large backpack. Get one with a molded frame or an adjustable hip strap so the weight will be carried by the pelvis instead of the spine and shoulders. Rolling bags are also a good option.
  • When packing a bag, it’s best start with the heavier items first, making sure these are closer to the child’s back. Also, have separate compartments and ensure the belongings do not move around when walking or traveling. Remember that the backpack should be 10% less than what your child weighs.
  • Encourage children to lessen the play of vigorous sports.
  • Promote regular stretching, strengthening, and walking exercises after sitting for long periods. Therapists suggest children must only spend 30 minutes in a fixed position.
  • Promote an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise. Regular exercises relieve muscle spasms and prevent weakening.
  • Instruct your child be at proper posture and as much as possible, prevent slouching.
  • Lessen the risk of falls by making use of safety straps in your child’s stroller.
  • Place cushion or tanbark in the playground where your child engages in play.
  • Consult your doctor and follow the spinal exercises advised.
  • Use pain medication. Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen can help reduce pain caused by muscle strain.
  • Apply heat therapy.

With consistent prevention and regular self-help therapy, your child can soon be free of the troublesome pains in the back. In fact, you do not need to worry in excess as surgery for back pain in children is rare and only performed for more critical cases.


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