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Application of the Digital Age Marketing Platform Definition for Content Marketers and Self-Publishers in Branding


What is a Marketing Platform?

In an interview at Forbes, publishing expert, Alan Rinzler explained, “By definition, the old model of the author platform was the writer’s public visibility and reputation that the publisher’s publicity department used to promote and sell the book… Everyone understood that the bigger the platform, the higher the advance.”

As people’s lifestyle becomes heavily influenced by the digital age, their preference in buying books has also changed – which means that the definition of an author’s marketing platform has also changed.

Today, buyers examine the author’s online platform, including his visibility and reputation by reading his blog and following him through social networks. Therefore, authors’ with higher visibility and positive online reputation usually attracts more followers, readers, and buyers.

There are a lot of ways on how to market your book. But, you need to build and strengthen your brand first. And how will you do that? Check out the new trends in your already trusted platform. If this is the first time you are building your brand, read on to rediscover the latest marketing strategies and techniques that will be helpful for you.

Social Media Continues the Fight to be on Top


Social Media Continues the Fight to be on Top
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Social media strategy has already proven its effectiveness in marketing one’s business. But the creative people behind them never stopped in serving something new on the table. Remember that successful social media campaigns start by updating oneself with the new trends in social media.


LinkedIn Pulse

Take LinkedIn Pulse, for example. More and more writers are becoming magnetized with its recent long-form publishing feature, which introduces publishers to a wide potential audience while permitting specialized targeting. Now, you don’t need to worry about merging your business blog where your target audience resides.

Facebook’s BUY button

Facebook’s still-on-beta BUY button is also attracting more business-related individuals as it allows direct store purchase without leaving Facebook. Not only that, Facebook’s advanced search capabilities and integrated payment system allow users post the social proof of their new purchase. With all its might, Facebook guarantees security of user financial information. Isn’t this a good way to use social media in marketing your book?


Users are flocking to this “real-time” marketing platform that uniquely disseminates information to users for a limited time. This fast-growing social media network provides access to live events including trade shows and product launches. It also allows exclusive delivery of special content that your niche target cannot get from other forms of social media. Get your audience feel connected as you strengthen your brand with real-time marketing.

Podcasting Returns in the Spotlight
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While social media marketing platforms sustain their active promotional power in business industries and in the publishing world, podcasting is making its way back in the spotlight. This content marketing platform stretches your book’s potential to people who read books by hearing.


SoundCloud is becoming users’ community hangout as it steadfastly gained 250 million active monthly users. Through magnified networks and improved visuals, SoundCloud increases a company’s exposure and influence while establishing its brand. SoundCloud is also useful for audio guides to tours, blogcast series, and video game soundtracks.


Want to get your podcast into the ears of the right people? Here’s the good news. Swell customizes a user’s podcast experience not only based on the content’s popularity but also based on a user’s personal preference. This habit-recognizing feature increases the amount of your content’s exposure to your target listeners. So, how does selling your book to customers who love reading by hearing sound?

Will Internet of Things (IoT) Make A Place in Line?

wristbands and watches

Do you foresee the next big thing for fancy wristbands, watches, and other wearable gadgets? In an article in, Adobe anticipates that in 2016, there will be a 28 percent user adoption rate for these wearable technologies. As this platform infiltrate into the digital lifestyle of consumers, it also introduces potential change in how businesses will engage with customers in the years to come. What do you think about seeing advertisements in your wristbands? Or do you honestly consider your life to be more convenient if you can buy things using your watch?

This article gives you a synopsis about the latest developments created by these established marketing platforms. In this highly-competitive market, it is always best to keep up with what’s “in,” study which one works well for you, and utilize it effectively.


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