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How to Successfully Self-Publish Your Children’s Book with LitFire Publishing

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Books play a valuable role in children’s development. Aside from providing entertainment, they widen the children’s perspective, and even discover fictional worlds. It’s proven that children’s books help parents present priceless messages and lessons through reading—in fun and interesting way. And so, this makes children’s book publishing a lucrative way of generating income for writers and illustrators.

You may be excited with the idea of getting your children’s book out there; however, a lot of authors get false promise that lure them to online predators and scams. Publishing is a long and daunting process. But once you successfully self-publish a book, the struggle will all be worth it.

When you decide to self-publish, be vigilant. Other publishers will take advantage on your lack of knowledge.

Do an extensive research of your chosen publishing house—information, reviews, and the reputation of the company. Gather customer reviews; these are important because they willpublishing children's book save you from any frauds they could possibly commit. Once done, spread the word and help your friends to also self-publish their books the safe way.

So, don’t get too confident and careless when choosing a self-publishing company. Research, feel free to ask, and be cautious. Feel free to ask friends and other authors. Numerous self-publishing companies have disappointed writers too many times. And these unethical author service providers eventually tainted the whole industry’s reputation. Beware of these fraudulent people. Only trust a company which has published products to show, and authentic reviews written by real people.

One of the leading publishers in Atlanta, which is LitFire Publishing, offers POD self-publishing services to writers who’d want to self-publish their own children’s book. LitFire offers children’s publishing packages—Flash, Glare, Blitz, and Blaze, all of which provide full-color images. LitFire is a publishing house that not only caters publishing needs, but also provides marketing tools to promote your book effectively to your readers—even if you do not publish with them.

LitFire aren’t limited to children’s books only. They have a wide selection in their website’s bookstore—ranging from mysteries to biographies to science fiction. Additional information about LitFire is also available in their Wikipedia page.

In an interview with Richard Stephens, the Marketing Manager of LitFire Publishing LLC, during the BookExpo America 2015, he explained how versatile their company is when it comes to publishing. “We accept books of various genres, most especially children’s books because we know how important these books are today. Also, what’s great about LitFire is that we offer a wide range of publishing services for aspiring authors to choose from, such as black & white publishing, full-color publishing, and eBook publishing.”

LitFire's joins BookExpo America
LitFire’s joins BookExpo America for the third time. | Taken at BEA 2017 in Javits Center, New York

When asked for advice on how to successfully self-publish children’s book, Stephens responded,“Writers should know that no matter how good and experienced they are in their craft, it is never wrong to ask for help from the pros. Editors, illustrators and cover artists, and publishing and marketing specialists will all be an author’s helping hands in his journey to publishing success. At LitFire Publishing, we only offer jobs to the skilled and talented groups of individuals who can contribute to our authors’ success.”

Plenty of children’s book authors have been ripped off by numerous publishers who promise them the world, but leave them with pieces of scrap—badly designed book covers, unevenly formatted interiors, and ineffective marketing tactics. With LitFire Publishing, authors don’t have to worry about being scammed because they will be in safe hands.

Author and illustrator, Richard J. Ward, has published three children’s picture books with LitFire: The Haunted Abbey, The Hermit and the Time Machine, and The Bully and the Leprechaun. (Can we insert the book image here for proof?)

Today, his books are widely available online at the publishing company’s bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other online book retailers.

Apart from exhibiting an array of titles at the BookExpo America 2015, they have also participated in the AJC Decatur Book Festival 2015 where they sold plenty of their authors’ books and held book signing sessions for some of their authors, including children’s book author, Yolanda Quesada (Champona Champona). Here’s the featured video:



Share the excitement of storytelling to young ones and the once young everywhere. Authors are taking control of their careers and have turned toward self-publishing. In just a matter of weeks, these authors have distributed their books and have been compensated for roughly all the expenses spent toward book production.

There are numerous self-publishing companies out there, but LitFire has recently been garnering favorable reviews from authors all over the country. It has presently modified its publishing packages to suit varying publishing needs, while at the same time, adhering to the industry’s standards. With LitFire’s strategic marketing plans like book trailers, radio commercial runs, and gallery displays, you can extend your promotional reach, and be able to land your published book into the bookstore shelves.

With the goal to become more active in book fairs and festivals, LitFire will take its authors to this year’s Beijing International Book Fair.

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