Picture Books

Creating Illustration Books for Children

Did you know that you should determine your young audience’s age group before you start writing your book? With our help, you can find your desired target audience. And you can create age-appropriate content that will help improve their speech and build their character.

Are you planning to craft cartoon books, animal books, or adventure books for kids? Then follow this section for an abundance of facts, recommendations, and strategies to create the most engaging children’s picture books.

Articles for this category

Featured Picture Book: The Giving TreeWhat does it mean to be selfless?  Does it mean giving everything without self-reservation? Or does it simply mean giving without expecting something in return? The Giving Tree is a picture book for kids that teaches the importance of sacrificing, giving, and loving unconditionally—selflessness. What’s fascinating about the book read more »... continue reading »
Why We Love Theodore Geisel Seuss Picture Books (You should Too)Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. —Dr. Seuss  Some of you may have encountered his name, or read his books, but have you ever wondered why he is one of the well-sought children’s picture books writers? Together, let’s find out why everyone loves his books. Who read more »... continue reading »
Top 5 Extraordinary Picture Book WritersHow can a picture book writer become extraordinary? Your childhood would have never been complete without these picture book writers. They are the foundation of your dreams, the inspiration of your wild imagination, and creators of your ambition. These picture book writers are the people who influenced your little read more »... continue reading »