The Parents’ 5-Minute Guide to Teaching Kids Responsible Screen Time

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So you thought an iPad or a smartphone would be the perfect gift for your kid?

You feel it’s a great way to let him get ready for the digital world—and a number of websites and apps won’t cause you and him much trouble. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not exactly how you’ve imagined to be.

Of course there will be consequences. And if you don’t act and limit accordingly, your child may drown into the abyss of screen-time addiction.

teaching kids responsible screen time

Not restricting kid’s screen time, media consumption will turn into an unhealthy habit. Though such devices can be educational and useful, you still need to guide them and protect them from harmful online content.

Here are some must-do ways to manage screen time for your kids.

Establish a sensible media strategy.

ages 0-2 - no screen time

One way to limit your kid’s screen time is to create a reasonable length of time to follow.

ages 2-5 - one hour a day

While there is a recommended screen time by age, it is absolutely discouraged to immerse kids two years-old below from any form of technological device, most especially cellphones and tablets.

ages 6 and up - two hours a day

It is important that you should expose your kids to different social activities and healthy habits.

Install Parental Controls Apps or Software

Filter websites for a safe browsing. Malicious and harmful websites can be easily accessible. Create a password for every computer and block inappropriate sites to any device.

Install software like the following:

use parental control apps or software

Impose tasks (to be done) before screen time.

Before allowing your kids to play their video games, let them do important tasks first, like cleaning their rooms first or arranging their books and toys. Make sure they’ll be responsible as they are when it comes to managing their time, in cleaning and using their devices. You can create a to-do list and motivate them with rewards.

Keep devices away during family time.

Kids should learn how to spend their time wisely, not by tapping and scrolling through their phones, but through having real conversation with the family. To do that, prepare a small basket where they can put their devices in and in sleep mode (all of the family members). With that, you can enjoy your dinner together without having the trouble of hearing annoying notifications.

keep devices away during family time

Lead as a good example.

You are the ultimate role model.  Show your kids that fun and learning can be browsed not only in the web; it can also be found on your shelves through reading, or through the meeting of friends and family. Talk to your kids and show them that you don’t need the internet to learn, laugh, and live; you can create fun and adventure in other more meaningful ways.

Focus on a quality screen time.

As the need to advance education rise, kids also need online tools to accomplish school requirements. Thus, the use of screen device can be a good choice just a limited usage. Here are some educational apps and websites that are useful for students.

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