Improve Your Writing: Top Useful Online Tools for Writers

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How online tools and apps improve writer’s output online tools for writers

When you’ve been working on a writing project for months (or years), but you’re still not getting things done, you know you have a problem in your hands.

Did you know that most successful authors use writing tools to help them get their work done? Fear not because you’ll learn about a few of the best ones available today.

Writing Tools

It is a free word processor that makes writing easier, faster, and more organized. Only those with Mac devices can use this tool as it was built solely for the OS X. However, .doc and .docx files saved in Bean can still be read by Microsoft Word, but with some limitations.

This cool software for writers allows you to write easily and effectively, sync your documents with your devices, export your work to PDF, HTML, or rich text format, and publish your wrk to blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. It is available only for Apple devices.

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Professional writers can hugely benefit from this online writing tool. It allows you to write scripts and storyboards, and plan how to turn your stories into movies. It is tailored for Mac, but it also has a mobile application for Android devices.

This tool lessens writing distractions as it provides a clean, minimalist interface that makes you focus only on your work, word after word. It’s available only for Apple devices.

This tool is very useful for script writers as it has the ability to perform script formatting in a professional manner. It is available for Mac and Windows, as well as for iPad and iPhone.

This tool is very useful for script writers as it has the ability to perform script formatting in a professional manner. It is available for Mac and Windows, as well as for iPad and iPhone.

This tool allows you to clean up your work by providing suggestions on what words to eliminate, what words to use instead, and many more. It is available as a Desktop application, but you can also just access it online.

It offers a clean and uncluttered interface to make writing more effective and efficient. Despite its simple look, its functionality had garnered recognition as a finalist for the Word Processor of the Year 2013. It is available on for Mac devices.

This tool was designed for professional writers who have to deal with lengthy and complex manuscripts. It allows you to manage your documents, design and re-design your manuscript, and many more. It’s available for Mac and iPad.

It is a web-based text editing tool that allows you to create documents, which are automatically saved as you write. This light-weight word processor provides not only text editing, but also offers a variety of templates, styles, and header and footer functionality. It’s available for Mac.

This minimalist writing application offers a full screen mode that allows you to write with less distraction. It’s available for Mac, Windows, and iPad.

The great thing about this tool is that it is only web-based – no need to install anything on your computer. It also formats your script automatically based on industry standards. So, you won’t have to worry about that aspect anymore.

It is a web application that many writers use because it allows you to create content, set writing goals, import Word documents, and many more. It also backs up your work automatically as you write.

Novelists, screenplay writers, and essayists are fond of using this tool. It allows you to focus on composing and structuring lengthy documents. Once you’ve polished your draft, it can also help you format your work. The software is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

This tool was designed for story writers. It allows you to keep track of your story’s plot, characters, timeline, and settings. It’s only available for Mac.

This tool not only helps in writing content, but also in improving your skills as it offers grammatical and nonlinear text editing, as well as other helpful features to make content creation easier and faster.

Apart from applications and software that would help improve your writing, you must also have a few productivity apps in your writing toolkit.

Distractions are everywhere, and if you’re not mindful of the time you spend on them, you might end up not achieving your writing goals in time.

Editing Tools

Author of twenty-one New York Times bestseller, Jerry Jenkins, shares his favorites tools that made his writing easier. For editing, he recommends top two tools: ProWriting Aid and Grammarly.

Whether you’re a student, an editor, or a writer, ProWritingAid is a user-friendly tool to complete your writing arsenal, making writing itself less grueling. With its wide array of features and a new text analyzer, you’ll surely produce an error-free manuscript in no time.

This tool examines your writing—provide reports of your spelling, grammar, and punctuation—and can help boost your content’s readability, and offer some suggestions you can follow.

Proofread and check your grammar with Grammarly. It’s a free editing tool checker that offers free services like plagiarism checker, and other different plug-ins. Just visit their website and edit right away. From subject-verb agreement to common grammar mistakes, Grammarly identifies your manuscript’s error and provide progress reports, all the while considering the context.

You can add the tool as a web extension, in Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter for your convenience, and to check your grammar whatever channel you’re using.

Know more about Jerry Jenkins and his recommended writing tools here.

Productivity Tools

This tool allows you to track how much time you spend online. By knowing how much time you’re wasting on browsing the internet, you can cut it down and focus more on writing. This can also help you follow your writing schedule. It’s available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android.

This online application allows you to stay on top of everything because you’ll see which tasks are due. Also, you can break down your writing projects to make your work more organized. You can even schedule tasks, small or big, months ahead.

This tool can help you improve your output by setting a time limit and giving you consequences when you procrastinate. It’s a fun way to boost your productivity. This application is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

If you want to get your work done and get it published on time, utilize productivity tools to keep procrastination at bay.

So, go ahead and try a few writing tools until you find one that suits you best. If you’re thinking about the cost, don’t worry! Some of them can be downloaded or accessed online for free!

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