How to Publish a Children’s Book

publish a children's book today

All great things start from simple, small steps. These steps are your milestones toward achieving the greater things.The same way as when you publish a children’s book.

publish a children’s book

Without proper plan and procedure, you’ll end up running like a headless chicken—and we don’t want you to end up looking like that. To avoid rummaging, we’ve compiled the most crucial steps that you need to follow (and remember) when publishing your own children’s book.

STEP 1: Find the end goal.

Before even thinking of writing a book, answer these questions first:

  1. Who are your target readers?
  2. In what way are you going to distribute your book?
  3. How are you going to promote your book?
  4. Should you hire someone to illustrate your book?
  5. How much estimated book sales are you expecting?
  6. How many copies do you want to sell?

Research the market thoroughly to find what themes work best for your reader’s age bracket. Check if your idea is something new, or you’re just repeating what other authors have done.

STEP 2: Write your first draft.

A professional, well-crafted content is what will take your book to the hot seat. The first draft is your first step, but do not stop there. Write a lot and read a lot. And only edit once you’ve finished your first draft.
edit revise your childrens book

STEP 3: Edit. Revise. Edit. Revise.

Even if most children’s books (especially picture books) require less content, make sure there are no errors in your text. You can do this by editing and revising after every draft. Or you can hire an editor to proofread your work and illustrator to improve your illustrations.

STEP 4: Research about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing.

Where do want your children’s book published? If you want the longer route you can publish your book traditionally. But with today’s print-on-demand publishing service, you can publish your children’s book tailored to your preferred services and budget. If you decide to self-publish your book, you can check Amelia Book Company for the ABCs of publishing your children’s book.

STEP 5: Join a writers’ community.

One way to expand your knowledge and experience in publishing a children’s book is to participate and engage in different children’s book communities. Join various Facebook pages, LinkedIn forums, blogs, writing groups, and several social media networks to learn more about the industry.

join a writers community

STEP 6: Market and promote.

Now’s the time to apply the marketing strategies you thought of from the start. Here are some things you can do:

  • Promote your books to preschool and grade schools.
  • Offer a copy of your book to the local school library.
  • Ask for a reading event such as a storytelling session.
  • Create a blog, or a Facebook page to voice out your book online.
  • Attend local and international book fairs as it is one of the best avenues to meet other authors, readers, and industry professionals.


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