Five Apps that Young Adults Absolutely Need

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Here’s What Young Adults Need for Their Phones

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, especially the younger generation. And we all know that apps are an essential part of every smartphone. People know that downloading apps is an absolute must. It’s a great way for developers to highlight their skills, especially when they target the right audience.

Apps that Young Adults Absolutely Need

In the US alone, 85% of smartphone users are young adults. Like top adult apps, it’s no surprise, therefore, that there are numerous apps in the market that cater to a teen audience—including some mobile apps by young adults! Below are some must-download apps for teens.

1. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is for young adults who are always on the go. It’s a handy app that allows users to capture images and convert them into something that resembles scanned documents for easier reading. Young ones can just take out their phones and use Evernote Scannable to take a photo of notes written on the board and they’re good to go!

2. Toshl Finance

Young adults need to learn how to keep track of their budget. An app like Toshl Finance will help them set their finances and review their expenses, as it allows users to log and categorize accordingly. Toshl aids pre-teens in becoming financially responsible.

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3. The Florida Bar

Teens and young adults can get rowdy, especially when they just want to have fun to escape the pressures of life. However, they also need to understand the limitations of their legal rights and responsibilities. The Florida Bar is an app that helps making young adults aware of such things, from matters like fake IDs, to driving under the influence.

4. Handy

The app doesn’t have the most creative name out there, but it serves its purpose well. Handy allows you to book regular cleaning services. As young adults may be too busy going about their lives, they’re going to need someone else to clean up their mess. With Handy, they can do so with ease.

5. LinkedIn

It’s always a good idea to build your network, as teens do need to seek out the best jobs in the market. The LinkedIn is one of the apps for adults in the making that grants the means to connect with other professionals, thereby making it easier to get a job someday.

Although there may be a million apps out there for download, it’s up to teens to pick the best young adult apps. Apps that coordinate with their lifestyle can do wonders for them and may even mold them into responsible adults one day.


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