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For aspiring authors of the graphic worlds, our articles will help you understand the line that differentiates graphic novels vs comic books. To supplement those publishing dreams, aspiring artists and authors can find writing and drawing tips, and publishing ideas for each genre.

Follow our prescribed techniques to publish a masterpiece that’s as good as Marvel Comics’ superhero novels, or even better, and have it done with minimal costs!

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The Internet’s Favorite Famous Comic Book WritersEveryone has a favorite superhero. From the Avengers’ Spiderman to the Justice Leagues’ Flash, everyone had their pick on which hero they deemed the most awesome. Superheroes have always lived by the main values of truth, justice, and harmony. They are present in everyone’s childhood and they all came read more »... continue reading »
Why Comic Books: The New Reading Material for SchoolSome students just can’t handle the pressure of reading a whole page filled with words. That’s why a new teaching strategy has emerged—letting kids read a comic book. While an unusual choice as a reading material, comics actually help young kids become readers. Here’s how:... continue reading »
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5 Characters in Comic Books that Prove Dads are the GreatestWho is your favorite superhero? These comic book characters were at their mightiest because of their greatest heroes as well—their dads. Let's give them the spotlight.... continue reading »