Why Comic Books: The New Reading Material for School

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Getting kids interested in reading is a difficult task. That’s because they find reading hundreds of words in one sitting very intimidating. That is why they prefer movies and video games as entertainment. But once you cut down reading material to small dialogues and pictures of characters, you might just get them hooked. Perhaps, all you need is a comic book.cartoon_man_reading_a_comic_book

For kids, reading doesn’t always come to mind when having a good time. School-age kids always steer away from things that remind them of homework. Let’s face it, school reading materials are scary, especially for kids. Some students just can’t handle the pressure of reading a whole page filled with words. That’s why a new teaching strategy has emerged—letting kids read a comic book. While an unusual choice as a reading material, comics actually help young kids become readers. Here’s how:


Nothing catches a kid’s attention more than a cool cover. Pair that with eye-catching pictures that depict a compelling story, then these kids are glued from cover to cover. Aside from the stunning graphics, another reason comic books are more entertaining is because kids relate more to characters with familiar faces. The more relatable the characters are, the more engaged the kids would be to read the story. The combination of graphics, relatable characters, and visual storytelling compels kids to read some more.


Usually, most comics story is about superheroes. Luckily, there are some comic books that took a different route. Believe it or not, there are some children’s comic books that depict historical stories. The point is the panel format could be used as an effective educational tool. For example, teachers can make comic strips that talk about a lesson they are trying to teach. Students will not only be interested, they will also learn.

Comprehension Aid

Comic book illustrations do not only entertain kids, they also improve their comprehension. The sequence of images help students predict what could happen in the next panel and give them a proper timeline of the plot. The illustrations also help kids read between the lines. By looking at the pictures, kids can infer what is happening in the story without having to read the details. Reading comic books require visualization. The graphics and the text help the reader create a clear scene in his head.


Writing Aid

Writing a comic book is just like writing any story. After all, they have all the basic elements (the only difference being there are actual images). In a way, a panel could represent a paragraph in a story. So why not teach kids to write stories using comics. They can explore their creative side not only with the story but also the images they create.

There are lots of entertaining ways to teach kids. These days, parents and teachers don’t have to use the same old, boring teaching materials. By using comic books, kids can be taught little by little. Comics can spark children’s desire to read and challenge themselves to move on to other types of reading material.

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