Top 5 Extraordinary Picture Book Writers

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How can a picture book writer become extraordinary?

Your childhood would have never been complete without these picture book writers. They are the foundation of your dreams, the inspiration of your wild imagination, and creators of your ambition. These picture book writers are the people who influenced your little dreams and motivated you to believe what is beyond real.

Take ample of time to know these remarkable picture book writers:


picture book writers

Eric Carle

Eric Carle created his picture books out of his inspiration to bridge the gap between home and school. He wanted his books to instill positivity in children, for them to feel comfort and protection, even while at school. He wanted children to feel at home. His books has lead kids to learn about the things the world has to offer.


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Margaret Wise Brown

The uniqueness of Margaret from the other writers is that she writes not only to entertain children and teach them how to read but to also teach kids that simple things are the most genuine and precious possessions one could ever have. She attributed her success to “being able to reach down into the soul of the child that still lived within her and bring it to life.”



E.B. White

Most story of E.B. White tells about the greatness of every unique creature, the importance of companionship, and that death is a part of life. Most of his characters are animals that draw life’s struggles.




robert mccloskey

Robert McCloskey

Robert McCloskey’s picture books displaying detailed movement of characters. Even though the lines are simple, the pictures in his books help children understand the flow and sceneries of his stories.




beatrix potter

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter loves the countryside and this is one of her inspiration in writing picture books. Nature inspired her art and that became more appealing to the kids. Her greatest book was The Tale of Peter Rabbit. She choose great vocabulary in her books and amazing illustrations.



There are so many amazing picture book writers who became part of our childhood memories that brought colors to our early years. No matter how many books from so many writers you’ve read, your book from your favorite childhood writer will always stick with you.

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